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The market for energy performance certificates or EPC has exploded since it became a legal requirement in October 2008 to have an EPC in place, before you can sell your home.

With market explosion comes competition and a huge variety in services and prices. There are now many EPC providers (Domestic Energy Assessors) out there vying for your custom with many cheap EPC providers now being found on the biggest marketplace of them all, the internet

It is possible to purchase your EPC through your estate agent when placing your property on the market but often this can work out more expensive. You are free to acquire your EPC from an independent EPC provider.

Here at, we believe we are not only competitive but an online EPC provider able to offer you genuinely cheap EPC.

Starting from only £35 + VAT, I am sure you will find us to be incredibly reasonable for EPC online!

The different energy performance certificates available are as follows:


For lots more information about why you will need an energy performance certificate for your property, take a look at our 10 ‘must know’ things about EPC.

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