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Residential EPCs are legally required whenever a property is Sold in England or Wales. As of the 1st of October 2008 it became mandatory for any landlord planning to rent a property out to a new tenant to also ensure that an up to date residential EPC is available.

Residential EPCs only need to be renewed every ten years for rentals and every three years within the Home Information Pack. An EPC from 1st EPC can be carried out and completed as quickly as one working day and can give you, as a landlord, the peace of mind knowing that you have this vital certificate available to any potential tenants or homebuyers, and will be carried out by a qualified DEA (Domestic Energy Assessor).

But a residential EPC can be of benefit to you even if you are not a landlord hoping to sell or rent out your property – knowing the energy rating and efficiency of your own property can enable you to implement changes to improve it using the recommendation report offered with every residential EPC.

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