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Commercial EPCs are vital for all industrial and business premises, now more than ever. Every new commercial building that is erected, as well as existing ones, now require a commercial EPC upon sale, lease or construction and the size of the property makes no difference – from the smallest retail unit to vast office complexes, a commercial EPC is mandatory for any building used for business.

A commercial EPC places a property accurately on a scale of A-G, a system which is now the UK industry standard and can allow potential buyers to compare similar properties based on their energy efficiency rating. Regardless of the rating received by a property, 1stEPC’s fully trained DEAs (Domestic Energy Assessors) will be able to provide a second report in addition to the main part of the commercial EPC, which can offer valuable advice on how to improve the energy efficiency rating achieved by your premises.

Whatever the size of your business property, 1stEPC can offer a quick and effective commercial Energy Performance Certificate service thanks to their fully trained DEAs, who with up to date knowledge and technical know-how can offer only the best advice on how to achieve the best energy rating for your property.

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